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McCann Distributing 

Providing Choice For Over 50 Years.



Our story

The country was nearing the end of prohibition (1920-1933). Two brothers, Bert and Bill McCann opened their slot machine business in Wheeling's Center Market building known today as Puddleducks.

When Prohibition was lifted in 1933 the McCann brothers gave up the slot machine business and began to sell beer. In 1941, at the age of 19, Lawrence Breiding gained employment at McCann Distributing Company as a truck driver. Soon thereafter Lawrence was drafted into the U.S. Army. After a three-year enlistment he returned home to Wheeling and began to work at McCann's as a salesman. 


In the 1950's Frederick Miller Brewing Company "Miller Beer" was added to our product list. This flagship beer has been a most popular choice ever since. 


Founder Bert McCann passed away in 1964. At this time Lawrence bought the majority of the stock in the company. Over the years he would acquire 100% of the stock and became the sole owner. He made the decision to keep the company's original name, McCann Distributing. 


Today McCann's carriers an extensive line of beverage options and continues to grow. 


It is our pleasure to serve, Ohio, Marshall, Tyler, Wetzel, Brook and Hancock.  

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